Selling ethereum using peer to peer trading

After you know how to buy ethereum, you should also know how to sell it when the need arises. There are several methods which you can use to sell ethereum with peer to peer trading being one of the most popular method used.

If you don’t want to go through the hassles of having to connect your bank account and the lengthy identification process, you can sell ethereum directly by use of peer to peer exchange. It is different from the other exchanges as it is completely decentralized. The arbitrage and escrow services are gotten via the ethereum smart contracts implementation.
The platform of localethereum refers to a marketplace where as a user, you can buy and sell offers. When on the platform selling, you are going to be charged a fee of 0.25 %. There is a message service to the platform, allowing users to set up meetings for face to face to exchange their cash in hard form.
You have to always remember that, if you decide to go for a peer to peer trading, then you will be dealing with people and not corporates, meaning, chances of meeting or dealing with the wrong person during a deal are very high. You have to always put that in mind and ensure to take precautions especially when meeting strangers.
The public buy bitcoin with credit card reddit addresses have to be double checked, the current exchange rate and amount you are to send has to be checked thoroughly too. When you are organizing for a face to face meetup, you have to ensure it is a public place and avoid inviting strangers to your house. You can tag a friend along as you go for the meeting
During the meeting, you require to have an active internet for you to confirm the transactions. Before you confirm the transactions, ensure funds are available and they are just waiting to confirm the transaction.