Necessary things to do when you arrive in Canada

So many people have been helped to resettle in Canada through the canada immigration consultants in dubai. Since you are utilizing them, the chances are that you will be traveling to Canada sooner than you expect it. When that time comes, the following are some of the MUST do things to be prioritized.

Get a local phone plan
There is nothing more fun than comparing and researching phone plans. It is even worse when you are still under the influence of the jet-lag and thinking about how to explore your new environment. But the exploration will be much easier if you have a plan for local data, making it easier to find your way around using Google Maps.
The earlier you are able to get such a plan and settle on a local phone, the better for you as you will avoid some roaming charges on your phone, which might be very costly. And in case your visa is of about two years, and you want to enter into a 2-year contract, then you will want to ensure that you align everything as best as you can. You have to remember that, receiving local calls and caller id are charged
Start your apartment search immediately
In case you don’t have any local references or Canadian credit history, you might be disadvantaged because some landlords prefer to give out their houses to candidates who can provide such data.
In case that is what you end up coming across, you will have to keep searching until you find a more flexible landlord. You can also make some inquiries using your Canadian phone number. The chances of a landlord answering a local call are higher than answering from your Dubai line.