fire watch guards are on-site protective services performed by specially trained staff. Services usually include: identifying fires and fire hazards, spotting them in the early stages, and extinguishing them before they spread and cause damage to the property. When you are buying a home, one of the first things you need to take into consideration is what type of security services you require. Fire watch guards are an excellent way to ensure your home is safe from fires.

These guards are an important part of onsite protection for your home. They work closely with other types of staff to identify and reduce risks associated with fire. Fire watch guard services are generally performed when you are not home. In order to perform fire watch, the staff will investigate any potential fire hazards, including carbon monoxide, in your home. Once they have identified a potential problem, the staff will go over the house with a map of where possible fire hazards may be located. They will then conduct a sweep of the property for any potential fire hazards, as well as a search of the house for a smoke, flames, or hot objects.
Fire watch guards will also be armed with emergency equipment and an emergency kit which include a first aid kit and extinguisher. The equipment is used in the event the staff identifies a fire hazard in the home. If the home is fully occupied, it is also essential to have a first aid kit inside of the home for immediate emergencies. The kit should contain a few small pieces of paper cloth, which should be taped to a cushion, which should be placed on the floor of the room where the potential fire hazard could be. The kit should also contain a piece of tape with the contact details of the fire wardens. If there are children present in the home, it is advisable that the kit contains some items of clothing for them to wear. The kit should include things like old shirts, socks, scarves, and underwear for them to change into quickly.