Fence post Repair Support Without A Carpenter

In case your fence began trickling . Your fence service is Asking for the due attention and tender care. Make your Sunday working around exactly the fence post repair and also your step guide Will Be Here:

Instruments required:

• Shovel
• Hammer
• Nails and digital nail injectors.
• Two-iron scales
Method A:
• Step 1: Dig Across the Fence post
• Measure Two: fit iron scales Indoors the concrete footing

Doing it using the hammer, never by Ruining the concrete. Use thin but robust scales. To produce the attachment sturdy involving the shattered fencing and also scales. Clip it using nails. Nail it, even in which the woods are good and solid. Otherwise, the text will not be sturdy.

Or You May Use an alternative method if your fence post is Broken above method will not be of good use. It is useful just when weapon post panels come in great condition.

Equipment required:

• E-Z mender(two in volume )
• 3.5 In. bolt(3 5 pieces)
• Extended nails

Process B:

• Step 1: Eliminate the claws Of the service. Therefore that you are able to utilize the fence article.

• Measure Two: To install the EZ Mender, then you need to decrease the horizontal fence. If two sides of the flat fence join the fencing post, you have to mark two clean wood cuts. The mender must wedge across the fence panel. Be certain that brackets cover the panel completely. From then on, using a hammer, then insert the mender in the concrete base without digging or breaking the concrete footing. Can it on both sides.

• Measure 3: using these large Claws and bolts, attach the upper area together with the fencing post.

No other people carpenter is required. A very Simple, rapid, and Cheap technique to create support for your own fence article.